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I am not going to go into any details, but eventually all of you will find out what I did.  And it is because of that, I am here to announce that after I attend IFC, I am leaving the fandom.
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Reply to this post and I will say one thing I like about you.  Come on, give it a shot!  Then please post this in your own journal. 

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Hello everyone!  I know I was supposed to post an after-MFF report, but there has been so many things going on with the holidays and everything that I just didn't get around to doing one.  I had an awesome time at MFF, my first trip to the midwest.  I stayed with Frostcat and Blazger before the con started, I would like to thank them again for their hospitality.  I roomed with Rebel Wolf at the Westin, and we shared some sweet times together.  ^_^    I met some new friends at MFF and I saw some that I haven seen in quite a while.  Please forgive me if I forget to list your name-Jaxson Otter, Kowaru, Cooper, Hunter Demonwuff, Firestorm Six, Kenova Wolf, Bixx-Kat, Taryn, Shale, Rukario (Dolmuth), Taiko Shepard, Leo, Lil Chi Wolf, Magnus, Mozee Otter, Ripner, Growly, Raptor Red, Rebel Wolf, Blazger, Frostcat, Morin, and Greg the Wolf.  Once again I apologize if I left your name off the list.  I will return to MFF in 2010 as well as go to a second con in 2010, Indiana Fur Con (IFC).  I will also be getting a new fursuit made, which will debut possibly at one of these cons.  More information on my new fursuit will be coming in a future post.

The Christmas holiday always brings out the best in me.  I like to make cookies, write cards, as well as give gifts to my friends.  It is usually a very happy time for me.  But this Christmas is one of frustration and grief for me.  Right now, I don't know if I can forgive someone who was very close to my heart, my mate Greg.  He tried to steal credit for a gift that I sent to one of my friends and then demanded to be acknowledged for it.  Right now I feel very hurt and I don't know what I am going to do.  My mate keeps hurting all the friends that I have and causing major headaches for me. 

I will still try to enjoy the Christmas holiday by spending time with my family, eating those cookies, and eating the meats and cheeses from all of the Hickory Farms samplers I have received.  I am still looking for a guy who will truly love me and not stab me in the back.

Hugs and Snuggles to all, and to all a good night!

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I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to my furiend Hunter!  Lots of birthday huggles!

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I would like to explain why I haven't posted anything in like 3 months.  During this same amount of time, there have been things going on around me that triggered another bout of severe depression.  I have gained some weight, been extremely moody, and have been basically listless during this time.  There are several things that have triggered this.  The biggest thing is my brother's constant run-ins with the law.  My brother was busted for drug posession, while my other one was nearly arrested for DWI.  The reason why I say "nearly" is because he made it inside the house before the sheriff caught up to him, so he couldn't be charged with DWI.  This wasn't the first time the sheriff has been at our house.  The sheriff was called when my brother's drug dealing friends ransacked our home and another time for being loud during the middle of the night.  It seems like my life has turned into one huge episode of "Cops".  He just runs around thinking that he is king and has the right to do whatever he wants.  He keeps treating me like I am some sort of "freak" and doesn't give me any respect.  My mom does nothing but reward my brother for his actions, while getting on my case because I am not living normally.

For those who know me, you know I have a problem looking on the bright side of things.  Lately I have been sleeping all day, and when I am not sleeping, I am at work.  Work is another hassle, but I don't want to make this post a complete rant on the bad things in my life.  What I need right now is to find myself again and be with my furiends.   I am looking forward to being at MFF, where I can truly be myself.  And that is what I am truly missing right now.  I miss being with my furiends, having fun with them, hanging out, partying.  I wish I could have that every single day.  And to my furiends, I am sorry for not communicating more with you.

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I just want to wish Blazger a Happy Birthday!  I hope you have an awesome day sweet fire tiggy!  *hugs*

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*purrs*  Hello everyone!  It has been some time since my last post, and I would like to update you on some things that have been going on.  First of all, I need to explain why I haven't really posted on here or been on my messenger for as long as I have used to.  For the past couple of months, I haven't really felt well at all.  I have had severe headaches, stomach pains, and extreme fatigue.  Part of this is due to stress and overexertion.  I tend to do a lot of things for extended periods of time (work, chores, etc.) without stopping.  The other part is due to a stubborn virus that I picked up early in July that I am having trouble getting rid of.  I am seeking medical help for this issue and with some changes to my lifestyle, I should return to normal soon.

As some of you know, I wasn't able to attend AC this year.  I am currently getting everything in place (hotel, flight, etc.) to be at MFF this November.  I am looking forward to seeing my friends again and meeting new ones as well.

On a serious note, my brother is on a serious downward spiral.  He is associating himself with not so kind people, which led to an incident that happened earlier this month.  Normally I wouldn't talk about personal family matters here, but this one has added to my stress which I mentioned above.  A few weeks ago, I went downstairs to find it a complete mess.  Originally I thought my brother had did it, since the doors were still locked and he has been known to take out his frustrations this way before.  When accused of trashing the downstairs, he denied it and we called the police.  There was a bottle of Vicatin that was stolen from one of the drawers.  It turns out that one of my brother's drug addict friends decided to trash our downstairs when he was desperately looking for a fix.  What really gets me riled up is that 1) This was done while we were all sleeping and 2)  What if this person decided to take the next criminal step and commit murder?  This event only added to my growing stress.

This tiger needs to go get some rest.  I just wanted to update you on what has been going on in my life and such.  Take care and lots of hugs and snuggles to all!

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Today, July 7, is this tiger's birthday.  I am going to go eat lots of cake!  *noms*

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Hi guys!  I am here to update you on what has been going on with me over the past couple months.  I have been in pretty bad shape the past few weeks.  I have developed recurring migraine headaches.  Migraine headaches are different from regular headaches.  With these headaches, I get sensitive to light, sound, and even smell.  I feel ok some days, but others I don't even want to get out of bed.  It has made it hard for me to go to work or even do other things, such as fursuiting. 

Work has been extremely stressful, which has not helped my health situation any.  I constantly have to do more than I really have to, because I work with very incompetent and lazy people.  I am not happy with my supervisor right now because he pretty much cheated me out of a chance to to to AC this year.  He first tells me that I can't request any time off during a holiday, because he needs me to work.  I don't request the AC weekend off like he said, and he then goes and not schedules me for two of the four days that AC is going on.  Now, you are thinking that these two days are consecutive, and that I could go to AC for those two days?  Nope.  The two days that he didn't schedule me are not consecutive.  He didn't schedule me for the Friday and Sunday that AC is going on.  I asked him if I could switch with someone so I could at least go to AC for a while, and he says that I can't because it would be too much of a hassle to rearrange everything.  This has got me really angry.

Overall, I am really missing all of my friends.  I hope everyone has a good time at AC this weekend.  I am sorry that I will not be there, but I will be at MFF this year and I am really excited to see my friends there.  Take care everyone!

*hugs and snuggles*
Damion Tiger

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Hi guys!  I just want to thank all of you that showed your support in my time of grief.  Thank you for being there for me!  I have found a video online of me, the real me.  Look for the person with the completely painted face halfway through the video.  That is me!  Enjoy!


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